Vast experience

The Castria company was founded in the first half of last century as an oil mill. It thus offers decades of experience in the production of fine olive oil from Gravina Ginosina. Extra-virgin olive oil, Apulian red and white wines, and cereals are all available from Castria.


Our extra-virgin olive oil

Extra-virgin olive oil

The Ginosa area and the entire province of Taranto is famous for the production of highest quality Apulian oil throughout these lands, being in high demand from the greatest admirers for its sweetness and intense aroma.

Our wines

Castria Wines

30-year old native Primitivo PGI vines are utilised for the greatest production of Castria wines, creating the Primitivo red Delle Gravine and Bunga Bunga.

Gift boxes

Packs of three bottles of Gravine olive oil or of Gravine Primitivo.



The goodness of Gravine olive oil directly to your home. Our products are sold in regular bottles, in 5 litre bottles or in tins

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